Vesta HR

VESTA HR units are designed to meet todays increasing energy efficieny demand using heat recovery and low electrical energy consumption. The units are built using modern components optimized for various operating conditions and market needs.

The main components of VESTA HR units are;

  • Heat Recovery exchangers which were designed according to high efficiency and low pressure drop criteria.
  • Eco-design compliant fans with low sound level.
  • Intelligent control system that fulfils not only ventilation functions but also air conditioning functions such as heating/cooling
  • Filters which are compatible with green building classification systems (LEED, BREEAM)
    Using VESTA HR units;
  • Fresh air is provided from the outside.
  • Extracts stale inside air.
  • Energy is recovered by heat transfer between fresh air and extract air.
  • The fresh air provided inside is filtered to increase the quality.
  • The intelligent control system, which comes standard with the appliance, allows the user to control the unit according to variable requirements.

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