Our company, which has set out to produce energy efficient air conditioning units, has put into practice the quality management and quality control systems that our products designed in collaboration with market expectations and demands which will meet these expectations sustainably. Beginning with customer relationship management, we have made our management philosophy traceable, measurable and transparent, covering design, procurement, production and after-sales services. We have made it a part of our continuous improvement policy with internal trainings and preventive activities that we have created by evaluating the resulting data. Every product we produce in AERA AŞ is subjected to intensive quality control processes starting from the component level and observed at every stage of production.

Completed products are subjected to final quality control tests according to the relevant national and international standards, ensuring that the expectations of the products meet with customers’ expectations pricisely. Mechanical and electrical safety tests of the devices which are conducted to comply with European Union regulations, are also provided to ensure long-term trouble-free operation.

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