EVO Modular air handling units are designed to have features that are different from those for similar heating, cooling and ventilation requirements in indoor areas. The casing structure is manufactured with special PVC frame design and without thermal bridging. EVO Modular Air Handling Units are manufactured with AL profile carcass, rock wool insulated double wall panels, specially designed gasket for high sealing, VDI 6022 suitable internal structure and drain pan, special filter frame, adjustable hinges and locks. The inner surfaces of the panels are made of Aluzinc coated with Aluminum / Zinc coating with high corrosion resistance and the outer surface is made of painted sheet with polyester. The units achieve high energy efficiency using the latest technology components. Reports can be obtained by using web based and extremely easy to use selection program and selections can be made with Eurovent criterias.

The components such as fan, exchanger, filter, battery, humidifier are selected in the most accurate and optimum conditions and the unit is designed accordingly. It can be controlled with an advanced user interface automation system which can be optionally controlled over the Internet.

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