The limited availability of energy resources has increased energy costs, making energy access difficult. Although renewable energy sources are alternative, they are still limited in use. States have begun to establish efficiency criteria in energy-using devices in order to reduce the consumption of the limited energy, and these criteria have become compulsory for producers. In the ventilation units, the energy criteria are determined by a separate regulations of the European Union and made compulsory since 2016 and determined as a precondition of the CE certificate. Heat recovery ventilation units, which are included in a significant part of small, large and medium sized projects in Turkey, are listed according to the heat recovery utilization and expenditure fan power criteria in the scope of regulations legalized in 2016 and the entry of non-standard devices into EU countries is prohibited.

As AERA AŞ, our ERP PRO series units, with ERP PRO model units designed in accordance with the maximum energy consumption specified in the regulations, according to the heat recovery efficiency and air flow rate of 67% (without condensation in the heat recovery exchanger), in winter conditions, without latent heat transfer calculation, we are entitled to ECO-DESIGN labeling by adapting to its regulations. In the designed units, products of advanced engineering works, special flow heat recovery exchanger and EC fans were used and the required values were provided in the standards.

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