The ECO-DESIGN directives are the entire set of laws in which the European Union specifies the energy use criteria in energy-consuming products and the producers are legally obliged to comply. The regulations have been reviewed in the headings of each product group and LOT6, including ventilation devices and air handling units, has been accepted by the European Parliament in the year of 2013 with the EU regulations numbered 1254/2014. The ECO-DESIGN directives prepared by the European Council for the purpose of replacing low energy-efficient products in the market with highly efficient ones have been accepted as a prerequisite for CE certification with the specified dates and restrict the entry of inappropriate devices into EU countries.

Within the scope of the ECO-DESIGN directive, effective from 1 January 2016, a number of limit values have been set for the air handling units, such as fan, heat recovery exchanger, and filter efficiency. There are also directives concerning the operation of the air handling unit.

Azure, Vesta ERP, EVO-C and EVO-R devices in the AERA product range meet ECO-DESIGN criteria in ventilation devices determined by European Union.

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