Energy Recovery Ventilation Unit

Unlike the plate type HRV’s, AZURE Wheel units offer the humidity transfer at a high rate for both heating and cooling season thanks to the special 3Å Zeolite coating of the rotary wheels. The AZURE Wheel range is specially designed for projects where the height of the suspended ceiling is low and where moisture transfer is required. Two parallel rotors are used for high heat recovery and moisture transfer, EC fans reach high static pressure values with low energy consumption. To meet the requirements of air flow between 1000 m3 / h and 5500 m3 / h, units are designed in 4 models. The rotary wheel is driven by a special drive system and the rotation speed is adjusted to provide the optimum supply temperature according to temperature differences.
With high efficiency and unique design features, AZURE Wheel devices with ECODESIGN 2018 label have a built-in, advanced web-interface control system as standard. To ensure Plug and Play concept the units are shipped to site with all connections already made and mounted. User friendly interface that helps ease of operation which can be controlled online (, has building automation systems connection (ModBUS, BacNET) and control over network (ModBUS TCP / IP) as standard.

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