Azure Heat Recovery Unit with Counterflow Exchanger

AZURE units are designed to meet the need for high energy efficient ventilation units with low energy consumption and high heat recovery efficiency. The units are equipped with advanced technology components and intelligent control systems. With advanced engineering techniques, low SFP values ( SFP<0,45 kW/m3s, EN 13779) and high heat recovery efficiency (€>90%) which redefine industry standards, are reached. Advanced features include control of constant air flow (CAV), constant pressure (VAV), heating / cooling capacity control, extended alarm monitoring, by-pass ventilation, weekly, monthly, annual time schedule, filter pollution monitoring, as well as a choice of ventilation options, connection to building automation, and many other control options are supplied with the product.
The outer surfaces of the devices are painted with polyester coating and inner surfaces are made of Aluzinc sheet metal. The unit has been designed to be easily serviceable with cleverly designed service doors from the suspended ceiling. The AZURE units are designed in 6 different models according to air flow requirements between 500 m3 / h and 3200 m3 / h. F7 class filter is provided on the fresh air side of the devices and M5 class filter is provided as standard on the exhaust side. The devices are manufactured in accordance with European Union energy criteria and have ECO-DESIGN label. With the optional electric pre or after heater and hot water heater coils located inside the devices, the indoor air can be set up to the desired temperature easily.

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